King Stephen

Stephen and Maud

King Stephen was the third son of Stephen, Count of Blois and Chartres, and Adela (William the Conqueror's daughter).
In 1125, King Henry I married him to his queen's niece Matilda, heiress of Boulogne.
King Stephen is described as charming and attractive but he did not inspire trust. It is said that Stephen lacked ruthlessness and failed to inspire loyalty...

Maud / Maude / Matilda first married the German, Heinrich V (Emperor of the “Holy Roman Empire”, which comprised parts of what are now modern Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland and Hungary) in 1110. They had no children and after Heinrich’s death in 1125, Maud was forced by her father King Henry I to marry Geoffrey of Anjou, who was at least five years younger. The marriage was troubled, and she returned to England in 1131.

Maud and Heinrich


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