Ellis Peters + Derek Jacobi

Sir Derek Jacobi and Ellis Peters

Cadfael Films

The Brother Cadfael television series started in 1994. Thirteen stories from the 20 main novels had been converted into 90 minute episodes.
The acclaimed actor Sir Derek Jacobi stared as the mediaeval sleuth.

The episodes
were produced by Central
and filmed on location at a permanent set in the countryside around Budapest, Hungary and with permanent sets built outside the capital.
CADFAEL, a Central programme, was first seen on ITV in 1994, and the three most recent films were screened in August.

1st Series (1994)

  • One Corpse Too Many (2nd Chronicle)
  • The Sanctuary Sparrow (7th Chronicle)
  • Monks-Hood (3rd Chronicle)
  • The Leper Of Saint Giles (5th Chronicle)


2nd Series (1995)

  • The Devil's Novice (8th Chronicle)
  • The Virgin In The Ice (6th Chronicle)
  • Saint Peter's Fair (4th Chronicle)


3rd Series (1997)

  • The Rose Rent (13th Chronicle)
  • A Morbid Taste For Bones (1st Chronicle)
  • The Raven In The Foregate (12th Chronicle)


4th Series (1998)

  • The Holy Thief (19th Chronicle)
  • The Potter's Field (17th Chronicle
  • The Pilgrim Of Hate (10th Chronicle)



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